Saturday, April 4, 2015

In Which I Choose Not To Weigh In.

I could post about the Hugo nominations, the Sad Puppy and Social Justice Warrior factions, the cheers of elation and the calls to vote for 'No Awards.' I could post about the infighting, the name-calling and the rest.

But I won't. I can't be bothered.

I'm having a lovely Easter weekend with my wife. I've seen some great films, read some cool books and plan to spend today writing.

In my universe I've had a mixed week. A couple of rejections I had thought might go at least personal but were mere form instead. A couple of good days writing with a submission of which I'm proud. And I was notified about the publication of a couple of online posts about me.

Zena Shapter has been running a series of blogposts about writers and music. I was asked what piece of music inspires me at the moment. You can listen to my selection here.

Meanwhile Lee Battersby is in the middle of a series on Writers and their fetishes. Yep, sounds kinky. And while that wouldn't surprise me with Lee, it's actually an old fashioned use of the word meaning ritual. So it's not so much about weird tastes and desires, and more about what do I put in place to write. Here's the link.

As for the factional infighting?  Whether you're in or out, included or not, enjoy the books you're reading and have a great Easter.

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