Monday, March 25, 2013


Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

You don't know me, but do you miss me?

Two weeks ago I was blocked from Facebook. There was a notice about someone who had hacked into my account, or you thought I might not be who I was purporting to be, or someone had complained about my posts, or something. I'm not really sure because it was all very vague. But I received an email (and a message when I tried to log in) informing me that if I verified my identity it could all be sorted out rather quickly and you would welcome me back into the fold. All I had to do was submit a copy of a government document (a licence, passport or similar) and we'd still be friends.

Now, I'm not stupid and I know the hallmarks of a scam when I see one. I did my research. I checked around, tried to sign in on a second computer with a different IP - all that stuff - but it seemed as though this was legitimate and that a very large number of people had faced the same situation.  I did as I was asked. I scanned an official document, blocked out the extra details as advised and submitted it. I then received an email informing me that my submission would be looked at shortly and I would soon receive a response. I'd seen on a number of forums that others in this situation had been unblocked within a few hours.

I didn't receive a response. At all.

When I tried to log in to Facebook I was informed that my submission had been received and someone would get back to me. As of now that still hasn't happened.

At first I wasn't overly concerned as I flew to China on business the next day and as we all know Facebook is blocked there anyway. So even if I had been able to log on I wouldn't have been able to - if you understand me. But I'm home now and I still haven't received a response. And when I try to log on I'm told you'll still  be getting back to me soon.

I sent an enquiry email yesterday morning and I actually received a quick response informing me that nothing could be done until I submitted the documents via email. (Even though Facebook continues to tell me I have already done so) Being a peacemaker, an all round nice guy and a generally calm kind of person, I simply resubmitted them.  A few hours later I realised I'd accidentally blacked out one of the sections you'd asked to see, so I submitted it again.

Still no response. I'm still waiting.

This morning I wondered whether you wouldn't accept them by email or maybe the address I received was an automated one. So I've now re-subbed them through the Facebook online form.

I've been blocked for over two weeks now for a reason that is extremely vague and unclear.  I promise you I am who I am. The email address registered with you includes my name. You can check this blog page, you can buy a book with my stories, you can enquire with my principal at my school web-page, you can follow the blog for the China study tour (complete with names and photos), you can check out my membership pages at places like AHWA, HWA and so on. You can ask my friends, you can ask my parents, or you can ask my wife.

Heck, if you're a bit short this week I'll even send you one of my books. Free!

Was I naughty? I'm a professional teacher who recognises that students see my posts whether my page is private or not. I won't even share a pic if the originating group has a swear word in its title. I don't post rude, racist, sexist or political comments. I don't share nude or rude pictures.

So, Mr. Zuckerberg, what have I done to make you lock me out? What have I done to make your staff not even respond to my emails?

Can you please forgive me? Or at least unblock me.


Steve Cameron
(I promise, I really am me)

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Anonymous said...

That's shit. Poor Steve! The big machines really do not care about small cogs. PayPal did it to me, and now I can't trust them with significant amounts of money. Hopefully your case will get sorted...