Sunday, May 15, 2011


I've had an excellent two weeks writing - extremely productive - with two new stories on the go. I don't know whether the dreams of last week, or another dream I had this week, were the impetus for the sudden burst of activity, but when I'm in this frame of mind I make sure I stay that way as long as possible and write whenever I can.

The second of the stories I've written, is dark - darker than anything else I've done. And, in fact, even has some bad language in it. Now this is something I don't really write, and I surprised even myself when I saw the words on the screen.  But I plead "Not Guilty" on the following grounds.

Firstly: Last year I was extremely fortunate in having the amazingly talented Paul Haines as my mentor for three months. Not only did he improve my writing, workshop a story until it sold at an excellent market, force to me to consider aspects of stories I had never really consider before and make me doubt myself continuously, he also corrupted and twisted my mind and was generally a bad influence on me. Anyone who hasn't yet bought Slice of Life and The Last Days of Kali Yuga should do so immediately. Read these, then you'll understand what I mean.

Secondly: The character said it, not me. As I said this is a dark story, and under the circumstances it would have been incredibly unrealistic for her to say "Gosh", or "Jeepers". The story and the character cried out for it.

Thirdly: It was fun to write.

Surely no jury in the land would convict me. And no, this is a story not meant to be read by my junior students.

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