Reading List


1. Welcome to the Machine: OK Computer & the Death of the Classic Album (Tim Footman)
2. Exit Music: The Radiohead Story (Mac Randall)
3. Rosewater (Tade Thompson)
4. Semiosis (Sue Burke)
5. Across the Universe: Tales of Alternate Beatles (Edited by Michael A Ventrella & Randee Dawn)
6. Time Travelers Never Die (Jack McDevitt)
7. Three Trips Into Time and Space (Larry Niven, John Brunner & Jack Vance)
8. Infinite Dreams (Joe Haldeman)
9. Expedition to Earth (Arthur C. Clarke)
10. Web (John Wyndham)
11. Inland (Téa Obreht)
12. The Secret History of the World (Jonathan Black)
13. Secret Societies (Joel Levy)
14. Rendezvous With Rama (Arthur C. Clarke)
15. The Total Devotion Machine (Rosaleen Love)
16. The Roof: The Beatles Final Concert (Ken Mansfield)
17. Orbitsville (Bob Shaw)
18. Solid State: The Story of Abbey Road and the End of the Beatles (Kenneth Womack)
19. Unexplained: Supernatural Stories for Uncertain Times (Richard MacLean Smith)
20. Skyhooks: Million Dollar Riff (Jenny Brown)
21. Word for World is Forest (Ursula K. Le Guin)
22. The Great Rock And Roll Swindle (Michael Moorcock)
23. The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)
24. Breathing the Same Air (Andrew M. Stafford)
25. How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World (Francis Wheen)
26. 100 Strangest Unexplained Mysteries (Matt Lamy)
27. Conspiracy (Charlotte Greig)
28. Storage Stories (Jim Bob) 
29. New Suns: Original SF by People of Color (Ed: Nisi Shawl)
30. The Last Dance and Other Stories (Victoria Hislop)
31. Gulpilil (Derek Rielly)
32. Old Man's War (John Scalzi)
33. Invisible Planets (Edited by Ken Liu)
34. Word Out of Time (Larry Niven)
35. Halcyon Drift (Brian Stableford)
36. Rhapsody in Black (Brian Stableford)


1. The Gift of Joy (Ian Whates)
2. The Flowers of Goronwy (Michael Coney)
3. Beyond Apollo (Barry N. Malzberg)
4. The Stars, My Destination (Alfred Bester)
5. This Dreaming Isle (edited by Dan Coxon)
6. Iceworld  (Hal Clement)
7. And Thereby Hangs A Tale (Jeffrey Archer)
8. Don't Look Back (John Gribbin)
9. Black Star Rising (Frederick Pohl)
10. The Dramaturges of Yan (John Brunner)
11. Soulstring (Midoru Snyder)
12. Who Needs Enemies? (Alan Dean  Foster)
13 My Bass And Other Animals (Guy Pratt)
14. Kate Bush: The Biography (Rob Jovanovic)
15. Today I Am Carey (Martin L. Shoemaker)
16. Glory & Fame: The Rise & Rise of the Essendon Football Club (Ed: John Murray)
17. Convergent Series (Larry Niven)
18. Football Ltd: The Inside Story of the AFL (Garry Linnell)
19. The Stars Are Legion (Kameron Hurley)
20. The Road to Mars (Eric Idle)
21. World's Best S.F. 1 (Edited by Donald Wollheim & Terry Carr)
22. Convenience Store Woman (Sayaka Murata)
23. Moshi Moshi (Banana Yoshimoto)
24. King Richard: The Story of Dick Reynolds (Dan Eddy)
25. Aliens: Why They Are Here (Bryan Appleyard)
26. Straight Shooter (Matthew Lloyd)
27. The Light of Other Days (Arther C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter)
28. No Certainty Attached: Steve Kilbey and The Church (Robert Dean Lurie)
29. After Rain (William Trevor)
30. Stone Mattress (Margaret Atwood)
31. Suffer Little Children (Penny Jones)
32. The Dubliners (James Joyce)
33. Duchamp Versus Einstein (Christopher Hinz & Etan Ifield)
34. The Woods (Gardner, Everington, West, Jones & Sloman)
35. The State of the Art (Iain M Banks)
36. Honestly: My Life and Stryper (Michael Sweet)
37. Space 2 (Edited by Richard Davis)
38. The Watchmaker of Filigree Street (Natasha Pulley)
39. The Shrinking Man (Richard Matheson)
40. How to Stop Time (Matt Haig)
41. Night Walk (Bob Shaw)
42. In Persuasion Nation (George Saunders)
43. One Flew into the Cuckoo's Nest (Bill Oddie)
44. The First Men in the Moon (H.G. Wells)
45. The Last Children of Tokyo (Yoko Tawada)
46. Far Out (Damon Knight)
47. Web of Everywhere (John Brunner)
48. The City & The Stars (Arthur C. Clarke)
49. The Autobiography (Chuck Berry)
50. Parallel Lives: Blondie (Dick Porter & Kris Needs)
51. The Brief & Frightening Reign of Phil (George Saunders)
52. The Dark Side of the Moon (John Harris)
53. Once There Was A Way (Bryce Zabel)
54. Stars of Albion (Edited by Robert Holdstock & Christopher Priest)
55. Tell Me Why (Archie Roach)
56. Oasis: The Truth - My Life As Oasis's Drummer (Tony McCarroll)

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